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red-cross-newsLast month about 150 persons were affected by a fire alarm at 520 W. 139th street in Hamilton Heights. Workers with the Red Cross have provided food and beverages to the affected individuals and families. Hygiene kits were offered, as well as credit cards with money to get the basic necessities. People living in 24 households needed emergency housing.

A nurse living on Staten Island, New York was greatly helped by the Red Cross right after her house was terribly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The nurse was at home when the hurricane hit. She was simply looking through the windows of the house and saw the floods coming toward her house. Water came inside the house and destroyed everything. The funds that the Red Cross has collected from donors all over the US (and not only) helped the nurse replace the damaged heating system, water heater, refrigerator, dishwasher and couch.

The American Red Cross has offered a one million USD grant to The State Island Foundation to support the recovery work it has done for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The money is going to be used to offer financial support to organizations that are participating in the disaster recovery: repairing homes for seniors, mental health services etc.

The Staten Island Foundation has a fifteen years history during which it has helped diverse organizations in the area, for a total, amount that exceeds 50 million dollars. The American Red Cross supports the victims of disasters offering them food, shelters and emotional counseling. In the same time, it provides about forty percent of the nation’s blood necessities. It organizes classes where people learn what to do in order to save the life of others, and is also involved at an international level when disasters happen in the world.

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Red Cross and Hurricane Sandy

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The American Red Cross is going to participate in the ING New York Marathon. The Red Cross is involved in helping people wherever needed, as always. Locals are also invited to be a part of the Red Cross team of runners.

hurricaneThis year Red Cross will honor the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, which has hit New York in October 2012. The organization has declared that it is still involved in helping the victims of the hurricane, and that it would have not been able to accomplish the things that it did without the help of ordinary people.

The marathon will be organized on the 3rd of November and anyone can become a member of the runner team.

The American Red Cross has rewarded eight national organizations that have been involved in recovery programs and services dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The grants total ten million USD.

In the past five years, Sandy Sperstrom was the biggest natural disaster that the Red Cross was involved in. Right after the storm and during the following months, the Red Cross has provided more than 17 million meals and snacks, has distributed more than 7 million relief items, has worked with teams that summed up 17,000 persons (workers and volunteers) and offered shelter for 74,000 persons.

Red Cross is also involved in offering financial counseling to families that have been negatively impacted by the storm. Nine months after the disaster, the Red Cross has spent or made commitments to spend about 260 million USD.

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Louis Kraml: CEO Profile

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Louis Kraml is the CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital, a medical care facility located in Blackfoot, Idaho. The hospital was founded about 60 years ago by a group of passionate citizens who wanted to provide access to high quality medical services to the people living in the area. It was a modest beginning as a sixty bed, county owned hospital.

The hospital was converted to a non-profit organization under Louis Kraml’s guidance. This has allowed Bingham Memorial to contribute over three million dollars to the community it is serving, and the money was actually used for the benefit of the people living in Bingham County.

louis kraml

Louis Kraml

Kraml took over the hospital leadership back in 1999, when Bingham Memorial had a budget of less than 10 million dollars per year; these days, the hospital has an operational budget that exceeds 250 million dollars, allowing it to serve more than 100,000 American citizens each year.

The increased budget has also allowed Louis Kraml to hire more people. Back in 1999, the hospital couldn’t afford to hire more than 15 physicians; nowadays, the number of qualified physicians exceeds 150 people, and the total number of area residents that were employed by the hospital is over 700 people.

Mr. Kraml has recently launched the “Play Where You Work” doctor hiring campaign, emphasizing the nice work-life balance and the great pay offered by Bingham Memorial in comparison with other medical facilities. According to Physicians’ Practice, Idaho is the best place in the U.S.A. to be a doctor.

It’s not all about the medical staff, though. Kraml has announced that he is happy to have received the Summit Award for the second year in a row. This award is offered to the hospitals that receive 95% or higher satisfaction scores from their patients. In other words, in order to get the Summit Award, a hospital needs to have at least 19 happy patients out of 20.

Idaho Doctors’ Hospital, which is an affiliated member of BMH, was recently ranked as the best hospital in Idaho and the third hospital in the entire U.S.A. – a very impressive performance for a local hospital. According to Louis Kraml, “Good health care starts with having great doctors and great medical facilities. We have hired many Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic residents, and their professionalism didn’t go unnoticed”.

An independent study conducted by Dr. Richard Gardner has determined that under Kraml’s administration, the hospital has brought over 500 million dollars not only to Bingham County, but also to the nearby counties, thus helping accelerate their economic growth, which happened despite the economic crisis. According to the documents provided by Louis Kraml, BMH has provided close to 1,800 jobs in the region, being ranked as the #5 employer in the entire county.

Bingham Memorial Hospital is one of the recipients of the Medicare Rural Flexibility Grant. According to Kraml, the money will be used to build a medical system that can serve as a model for all the rural hospitals. In addition to this, the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, a Washington-based medical school that prepares its students to become rural doctors, has chosen BMH as its medical school.

It looks like BMH is constantly expanding under Kraml’s guidance. The new Spine Center will help many people in Idaho that are suffering from spine problems, in an effort to help prevent spine surgery whenever it is possible to do so. Also, the hospital helps the parents in the region by offering free screenings for their children twice a year through a partnership with Shriner’s Screening Clinic.  According to Kraml, “this partnership gives us the opportunity to provide top quality medical assistance to families that would be unable to cover the treatment costs”.

The free educational seminars that are organized for the East Idaho citizens were very well received by the community. Kraml has also played an important part managing not only the hospital building renovation, but also the addition of a new surgery center building and a nursing home.

Louis Kraml has earned a master’s degree in healthcare administration and has about 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has worked as a CEO for the Hazel Hawkins Hospital in California before getting hired by Bingham Memorial Hospital,

Kraml regularly publishes health articles, medical news and hospital management information on the official website.

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